What is Grazing Exchange?

A grazing exchange or grazing network is a way of getting grasslands grazed when the landowner has insufficient or inappropriate stock to do this and provides grazing for stock owners who are in need of it. Anyone can list land that they have available on Stock Keep where it can then be found by people who are looking for extra grazing land. Stock that are in need of extra grazing can also be listed to try and find some land nearby. All kinds of livestock can be included; sheep and cows are the most common but goats, ponies and alpacas are also listed.


Grazing livestock will give environmental benefits, achieve the requirements of cross-compliance and fulfill the obligations for arable reversion schemes - and look good while they are doing it. Some landowners just like to have their paddocks kept in good order to save the mowing. Meadows and pastures need to be grazed in order to retain their character and conservation value - find out more about conservation grazing here