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See Wildlife and Get Involved

Local Wildlife Sites are all located on private land, but there are numerous other places accessible by the public with superb wildlife interest to visit, and many ways to get involved in conservation within Northamptonshire.

Wildife Trust Nature Reserves are located accross the county and contain a whole range of habitats and species. These reserves have been designated because of their wildlife value and are managed by the Wildlife Trust. To volunteer your time to assist with the conservation of these reserves, please contact us.

Pocket Parks are open spaces owned and managed by local people. They provide free public access to the countryside at all times.

Country Parks offer a more formal countryside experience. They often provide hard surfaced trails, cafe and toilet facilities, and play areas for children.

RSPB reserves are great places to see birds and other wildlife accross the country. There are no RSPB reserves in Northamptonshire, but there are reserves in neighbouring Lincolnshire, Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire and Cambridgeshire. 

Forestry Commission own and manage a number of woodland and forest sites accross the UK where you can walk, cycle, horse ride, or attend other events. Discover the sights, sounds and experiences of the forest.

Woodland Trust aim to conserve, restore and re-establish native woodland to its former glory. They currently own and care for 11 woodlands in Northamptonshire.