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Click on the image below to download Northamptonshire's Biodiversity Action Plan (2008)

This will download the full BAP document, which is a PDF file. To open this file you will need Adobe PDF Viewer.


The Northamptonshire BAP contains action plans for 16 habitats and 2 species. A further 158 BAP species are found in Northamptonshire but these do not have their own action plans. The BAP species found in Northamptonshire are listed at the back of the document along with their habitat associations and the type of action that is required, e.g. 'Monitor'. The table of all BAP species that occur in Northamptonshire, with information about the habitats these are associated with, and management prescriptions can also be downloaded separately Download table of BAP species. A list of local BAP species has recently been added; this includes species that are not a national priority but are significant within Northamptonshire.

The Northamptonshire BAP was revised in 2008, and is updated regularly. The current version can be downloaded by clicking the image to the left.

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